General Terms:

Pure Napkin Nordic IVS serving mainly VAT registered businesses.
Pure Napkin Nordic IVS  assumes no liability as a result of Buyer’s relationship to third parties.

There is generally subject to force majeure situations referred supplies, and for errors on website and in printed marketing materials.
There will also be subject to external price changes, price adjustments sold out products and changing product specifications and manual.
Trade in Pure Napkin Nordic IVS  is also under law provisions.


All prices in Pure Napkin Nordic IVS printed materials and on our Internet pages indicated by the prices excl. VAT.
Nimibiz IVS taking reservations for exogenous price adjustment, so prices can change without notice.
Order remaining contracts and obtain goods debited on the basis of today’s supply price.


Ownership of the goods sold remains Pure Napkin Nordic IVS property until the entire purchase price is paid.

Payment Terms

New customers are served for cash until another agreement is made. For regular customers: 30 days
By exceeding the agreed payment terms subject to interest of 1.5% per month until payment is made.
Lack of payment for more than 8 days from the due date, starts writing dunning procedure with subsequent administration fee.


Commodity Shipment is generally Parcel Feeder
Freight rates are accepted as they are contracting approval.


Orders received by 12:00 dispatched usually the same day.
Goods that are not in stock at Pure Napkin Nordic IVS can be delivered according to specific agreement.
Pure Napkin Nordic IVS is not responsible for late deliveries due to lack of supply to Pure Napkin Nordic IVS
Orders with backordered items are provided either partial or total, after agreement.

Are you receiving damaged goods, please contact Pure Napkin Nordic IVS.

Collection of goods:

Collection of goods can only take place after a specific agreement.

Returned goods

Goods are only returnable by prior arrangement and only in special cases. Error delivered goods can be returned after contacting Pure Napkin Nordic IVS.
Goods to be repatriated specifically customer repatriated always on firm order and can not be returned.

Returned goods must be returned in original, undamaged packaging, attached information about the delivery date, invoice number, and with whom the agreement on the return is taken.

Returned goods sent to:

Pure Napkin Nordic IVS Stock
Midtager 25
DK-2605 Broendby

Package label “Subject. Return”.

Complaints and delivery queries

Please send email to: info@purenapkinnordic.com. Remember to give the invoice number, name, address and telephone number.

Data policy

Information provided to Pure Napkin Nordic IVS in relation to goods not used for any purpose other than to order expedition.
Under the accounting law is Pure Napkin Nordic IVS, however, obliged to keep accounting information in minimum 5 years.
Pure Napkin Nordic IVS  will not disclose information to third parties in any respects.