The Concept

The Pure Napkin concept is inspired by the asian tradition where guests are welcomed with a refreshment napkin as this stylish service to make you feel welcome. In the Scandinavian countries napkins are also an integrated part of every social get together that includes food and drinks both at a restaurant, café, at friends and at home.

Cotton napkins or other napkins which not are disposable napkins is stressful to the environment. Therefore, the goal was to develop high quality disposable napkin that are hygienic, 100% biodegradable, and thus environmentally friendly replacement or alternative to other napkins. On the basis of these goals, the concept Pure Napkin emerged.

A disposable, high quality hygienic napkin made as a compressed tablet from bamboo fiber and wood pulp. Pure Napkin is 100 % biodegradable. Several accessories accompany the Pure Napkin tablet such as design bowls, tweezers and fragrance essences.

Not just a napkin

The tablet is placed in the corresponding design bowls. Water amounting to two teaspoons hot or cold, with or without fragrance essence is added to the design bowl and the Pure Napkin tablet is added. Within seconds a refreshing napkin (23 x 24 cm) is ready to be folded out. The Pure Napkin tablet can also be used without the accompanying accessories, but with the use of the design bowl the Pure Napkin tablet is served hygienically and with elegance.

The design bowls and the other accessories are handmade in Balinese stylish functional design and all are made from natural sustainable environmentally friendly materials such as recycled glass, bamboo wood, river- and lava-stones.

Subsequently, the concept has become popular among beauticians, doctors, dentists, for outdoorlife, and especially popular for babies, since the tablets do not contain E numbers, perfumes or other additives, and therefore is optimal for sensitive baby skin and -bottoms.